Sigma 6/2006

This Sigma discusses credit insurance and suretyship: products and substitutes, the corporate landscape and regional markets. Surety, like credit insurance, is closely tied to the real economy, facilitating domestic and international com­merce. Global credit insurance, with premiums estimated to be USD 6.9 billion in 2005, has traditionally been very popular in Europe. Six of the seven largest markets are European. Global surety premiums totaled an estimated USD 7.9 billion in 2005, of which 56% were written in the US. Credit insurance and surety guarantee commitments made. Credit insurance is an important risk management tool that compensates policyholders when their clients fail to pay for goods and services. By covering this risk, credit insurance enables sellers to extend credit more liberally. Heavy users of trade credit include wholesalers and companies selling to the construction sector. Скачать
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